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      The video below identifies the most fundamental coaching model, how it works and the benefits that may be experienced when a coaching approach to management is implemented.

      What is coaching? (4 minutes)

      The Benefits of Coaching

      The most fundamental coaching model aims to raise awareness and develop a sense of responsibility in those being coached. When we can help another person to experience this, they gain the benefits of:

      • Increased quality and quantity of output (improved performance)
      • Improved ability to recall what they have learned
      • Heightened sense of interest in what they are doing
      • Improved sense of self as they learn about the unique strengths they bring to the task
      • Increased sense of confidence as they solve their own problems
      • Heightened sense of ownership of the solution and associated intrinsic motivation

      Look for evidence of the benefits listed above in the video in the next topic, Ask, Don’t Tell.

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